Website Builder Hosting

Many businesses who are trying to economise might be attracted to the concept of Website Builder Hosting. This is where you are given hosting, domain registration, and a set of tools with which to build a website. You usually pay a nominal monthly fee for the service.

While this might appear to be an attractive and cost-saving solution to getting your site on the web, there are a number of drawbacks inherent in the Website Builder approach:

  1. Since the average website for any business usually lasts 2-5 years, this seemingly small fee per month can quickly grow to a much greater cost in the long run.
  2. While the sites that the website builder put together are serviceable and may even include such elements as eCommerce, Blogging and Portfolio capabilities, these sites will have to be composed within the confines of a limited selection of styles and layouts. They will also be limited in terms of feature expandability.
  3. Most importantly, the resulting sites will lack the benefit of a good, website designer’s experience. This could lead to serious usability issues, non-intuitive navigation and affect the website’s performance. The sites would also be lacking in SEO. Additionally, functionality such as eCommerce and Product Catalogue will most likely not be customisable to the level of some client’s needs.

We at are in favour of giving our clients independence in terms maintaining their website and we certainly value their input during the design process especially from the perspective that no one knows their business better than they do.

Working with us to design your website using open-source tools like WordPress and eCommerce plug-ins like WooCommerce will end with you in possession of a modern, secure, and search engine-friendly presence on the web, that will soon lead to return on your investment.