WordPress Hosting

Having started as a simple blogging software, WordPress has grown into a robust and adaptable CMSs which is now powering millions of e-commerce, brochure, portfolio and business websites. And it’s still the favourite of bloggers!

Since it first came on the scene in 2003, WordPress has fostered a diverse and talented community which has been contributing themes and plug-ins to the core framework, making it adaptable to any type of website on the web. WordPress is open-source and free which means it’s there for anyone to use and can be adapted quite easily by those who have some programming skills. There are plenty of tools available which make it quite powerful for those with less technical knowledge, too.

The standard themes and plug-ins and the core files which make up the WordPress framework are developed in the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, and follow HTML5 and CSS3 guidelines. New updates are coming on the scene at regular intervals. This means that WordPress will never be out of date and will always in tune with the latest trends and capabilities of web development standards and technology. Plug-ins have been developed which will not only enhance the functionality of your website but will also aid you in improving your site’s SEO and securing your website from malware and other malicious attacks.

And because the community is so widespread and knowledgeable, you are never far from finding answers to your questions, whether it’s a simple question about adding pages to your website or a more complicated coding problem you’ve encountered while trying to develop your custom theme. Sometimes you don’t even have to include the word “WordPress” in your search criteria and your first result will be about WordPress!

We at iSeek.ie have extensive experience using WordPress and have been following its progress over the years. It is our CMS of choice when we are asked to develop any website. We have developed our own WordPress boilerplate but we also work with third-party themes and plug-ins.

WordPress Installation

It is very easy to install WordPress. You can do it in as few as three steps:

  1. Create a MySQL database and dba-level user and password in your hosting Control Panel.
  2. Copy up all the files of the latest version of WordPress (obtained from their website, http://wordpress.org/download/ ) to your website.
  3. Create a wp-config.php file which contains the name of the database, user and password you created in 1, using the sample which comes with the software as a template.

When you then access your website in a browser window, you will automatically be guided through the WordPress installation process, creating the necessary database tables, allowing you to create a WordPress Dashboard user and password, and then allowing you to log in.

But, if this sounds like more than you want to take on, we at iSeek.ie can offer you the service of installing WordPress for you and just providing you with the necessary links and logins so you can get started.

Remember that we have the most recent stable versions of PHP and MySQL available installed on our servers, so there is never an issue around compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress Training

We have been developing websites in WordPress for many years now and know the ins-and-outs of how the software works. The Dashboard is a familiar work-place for us and we are always keeping up to date ourselves with the latest versions of WordPress as they are released.

We can pass this knowledge on to you in the form of WordPress Training. We can work with any level of computer user, from the novice to the programmer who is just unfamiliar with WordPress (if such a beast still exists!)

We at iSeek.ie believe in giving our clients full independence in relation to their website and so would be more than happy showing you how you can maintain your own web pages with one of the  most-intuitive CMSs out there.

We can provide you with any depth of training: basic web-page or post creation, helping you with image galleries, how to install and use plug-ins, how to install a new theme. We’ll ensure that you will be well on your way to maintaining your website on your own, but we will always be here should you require more sophisticated changes or enhancements.

iSeek’s WordPress

We have developed our own WordPress boilerplate which is the basis of many of our own design and development projects. We have familiarised ourselves with the best of the WordPress plug-ins that provide us with the tools to develop sophisticated and functional websites. Our boilerplate includes the latest in website security and SEO-enhancing plug-ins.

We have also developed a custom base theme for our boilerplate which contains advanced functionality in terms of widgets, shortcodes, responsiveness and all coded to CSS3 and HTML5 standards. This is our starting point for all of our custom-designed websites.

With our WordPress boilerplate we can ensure that your websites will be secure, soundly developed, and always up-to-date.

WordPress Monitoring

As hackers become  more sophisticated in their methods of attacking websites, WordPress is always developing new versions to not only provide new features and functionality but also to protect those sites using its software from malicious invasions.

We have special scripts running on our servers which will tell us what versions of WordPress our clients are using. If we discover that your website is running under an out-of-date version of WordPress we will inform you and offer you the service of updating your website for you.

If your website hasn’t been updated in a very long time, it may not be so straight-forward to upgrade to the latest version, so we can make sure that such an upgrade goes smoothly and that your website is functioning properly.

We will also make sure that all of your plug-ins are up-to-date at the same time.

Also note, that we do not normally upgrade to the very latest version of WordPress on the day it is released. We usually recommend that people wait a few weeks in the rare event that some minor bug in the new version has still not come to light. We can monitor this for you and make a recommendation based on our experience working with WordPress over the years.

WordPress Security

Unfortunately when a piece of software becomes very popular and there are millions of people out there using it, it also becomes the target of hackers and developers of malware, since it presents them with a large population of potential victims.

We at iSeek.ie have developed a tried and true strategy for ensuring that all of our WordPress installations are as secure as they can be. We have collected a number of tested plug-ins that will help secure your WordPress website. We also use other pieces of software and coding that will enhance website security.

We monitor our servers constantly for malware attacks and the presence of hackers and if we find that your website has been compromised we will do everything in our power to set it right again. We may counsel you on steps you can take within WordPress to ward off future attacks and keep your website safe.