Hosting Backup’s

What is our Server Backup Service?

At we are continuously looking for ways to improve our hosting services and in July 2014 we have just upgraded our backup system to a new CDP system.

Our backup policy is two fold:

  • Disaster Recover – in the very unlikely event that we had a major hard drive failure or similar hardware failure and we need to rebuild our servers from backups our new system will mean we should be back running in a few hours at the most.
  • Data Recovery for Clients – If a client accidentally wipes a part of their website or their site gets hacked or whatever the reason we can use the backup system to get them a copy of the data they need.

What data is backed up?
Everything – we take mirror copies of all drives in our servers

How often is the data backed up?

How long is the data held?
30 days

How do I get access to a backup if needed?
Unfortunately we cannot give clients direct access so you need to contact us to request this

Can I still run my own backups?
Absolutely – if you run any sort of modern CMS like WordPress we highly recommend you perform your own backup regularly