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Register a new domain name.

If you want to put your web site on the internet and give people a www. address to access it you need to register a domain name. Domain Names can also be used to create custom emails addresses such as can offer advice to both personal and business customers looking to choose the right domain name.

What type of domain name?

The two most common domains names in Ireland are .ie and .com. Other common domain types include: .net, .org,, .eu and there are hundreds of other types as well.

How can I check if the domain name I want is available?

If you want to check to see if a domain name is available you can do a special type of search called a whois search. We have a whois search function lower on this page


Our pricing for various common domains is listed below – please click the ‘buy now’ button to purchase a domain today:

Note: For other domain types or multiple year registrations please contact us.

.COM/.NET/.ORG€25 Per Year
.IE€39 Per Year
.CO.UK€25 Per Year
.EU€25 Per Year
.INFO/.BIZ€25 Per Year

If you wish to transfer your domain to, please contact us here.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at 23%

.ie Domains is an accredited registrar for .ie domain names with the IEDR

We recommend .ie domains names for most Irish businesses and if you want us to check if your name or similar versions are available to register.

Depending on your businesses legal setup , your application for a .ie might require different information.

Please contact today and we can advise what domains may best suit your business and the information required to register that domain.

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You may choose from several variations such as .com and other common domain types.