SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”.Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol designed to enable applications (in this case your website or email) to transmit information back and forth securely.

How does SSL work? SSL works using encryption (typically 256 bit). When sending data that needs to be secure like credit card information it is encrypted using a special digital encryption key assigned to it by a Certification Authority in the form of a Certificate. Once it has a unique key of its own, you can establish a secure connection using the SSL protocol. In order to read the data you will need this key, hence making the transfer of data secure.

SSL certificates are mainly required on websites that take credit card information or other information that needs to be secure.

Main Features:

  • Price includes upgrade of hosting to have a unique ip and installation/set-up of the Certificate
  • 256 bit industry standard SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular browsers
  • Fully validated
  • 99.3% browser ubiquity

Price: can help and advise you if you require an SSL cert and if so what type. It costs €165 per year for a secure certificate, and you can order one by contacting us

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at 23%

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