Website Design Process

Our Mission

To partner with businesses to help them achieve online success through providing a range of end-to-end services alongside creative and technical support. 

Crafting Success Since 2007

iSeek started off as a small Internet solutions company, offering premium web hosting to Irish Businesses. After finding that many Irish businesses needed websites, we expanded our services to include Website Design and Development coordinating a team of experts in their fields to design and develop that exceed client needs and expectations. 

We Craft Digital Success

We’re a multidisciplinary team who craft digital spaces that feel at home on any device with optimisation, lighting-fast speeds, built-in security and premium performance. 

We focus on results and success at every stage, crafting digital spaces that work for our client’s customers and users. We look at the user experience and the audience to determine to inform our design decisions. 

We can only create the best websites for our clients when we know everything there is to know about their business and users. That’s why we start each project with a consultation to get to know you and your business. When we partner with you, we’re in it for the long haul. We love continuing our relationship with each of our clients to look after your site after it’s launched and continue to support your success.

Our Process

Phase 01 Discovery

The first step is all about finding out about the project, the details and most importantly you and your business! We want to learn as much as we can from you at this stage so we can make sure we provide the correct solutions for you. This is then followed by a Project Brief that outlines the project and the deliverables. 

Phase 02 Strategy

This phase aims to gain as much knowledge about your business and industry as possible to through workshops and/or research to fully understand your customers/clients needs and how we can help them get the most from your website. 

Phase 03 Design

Our UI & UX Web Designers take all of the information gathered from the Discovery phase, their own creative research and their expertise to design a website that takes your business priorities and your users experience into account. This stage includes the creation of low-fidelity wireframes of each website page to give you an idea of content placement, which is then turned into a full-colour high-fidelity design after approval. 

Phase 04 Prototyping

We then begin building prototypes into areas of the website screens that are designed to have functionality or animations such as loading styles, hover functionality or micro-interactivity such as button animations. 

Phase 05 Development

This is where our Developers come in and take the website prototype, once approved by yourself, and start to build the design into a fully functioning website Beta. Our designers and developers work together to build in the interactivity and the details of the site before we send it over to you to review and feedback. 

Phase 06 Launch

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