Website Design Overview


iSeek deliver distinctive and engaging websites mainly developed in WordPress and with a focus on visitor interaction to ensure you get the best return on investment.

We are not focused on winning awards or creating websites just for fun. We want our website design projects to produce real results and meet or exceed business goals. We have developed our own process, centred around user experience and your unique business requirements.

Process – How we work

Every successful project starts with a process:

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Build
  • Launch
  • Monitor


One of the most common early questions we are asked is how much will a/this website cost?

We do understand that is a critical question but one we can only answer when we are 100% on the details of the project, from design, content, features and all the other elements that go into website design.

Every project and client is unique and therefore each website quote needs to be packaged.

We are happy to give estimate ranges once we have some basic details on your project.

We make websites that build your business.