Prebuilt Template Website Design

What are prebuilt template/theme based websites?

Pre-built template based websites are websites built using a template or theme you can buy.

In WordPress they are called themes. Building websites using those themes or templates can save on costs for graphic design and HTML coding and many themes are packed with features and functionality.

What are the advantages of prebuilt template based websites

  • Inspiration on colours, layouts and features.
  • They can save on cost in the right circumstances
  • They can reduce the input a client needs to give on page layouts.
  • They can shorten the time needed to develop a website

Who should use prebuilt templates/themes for their website:

  • Low budget projects
  • Very small and simple projects
  • Projects where the right look and features are available in a theme
  • Websites where the design is not a critical success factor
  • Start-up businesses often like theme websites as they have not yet defined an image for themselves and they have a need to keep the budget low

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A few words of wisdom and experience on themes

  • Most web design companies do not like using templates/themes as it limits what they can do
  • iSeek believe templates/themes can be useful on certain projects but custom design is the better option for most businesses
  • If you think a theme is suitable for your project ask this question – How closely does the theme match my requirements in terms of design, layouts and features needed? If the answer is anything less than 95% you should choose a custom design. Themes only make sense if you need to adjust them very little.
  • Beware of the features and functions that come with a theme as sometimes to adapt or develop features not included in the theme can cause problems.
  • Ensure the theme you choose is up to date and well supported

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