Shared Hosting

Few companies and even fewer individuals could afford to maintain a dedicated server to host their website or emails, so when people talk about “website hosting” they usually are referring to Shared Hosting. This simply means that websites are hosted together on a large server machine. Each website operates independently and from the perspective of the person whose site is being hosted, it is like having a dedicated machine. The greatest advantages of shared hosting is the ability to offer a place to host websites at a reasonable cost and in a secure environment.

A shared hosting account from iSeek includes a hosting Control Panel, FTP access, phpMyAdmin interface to maintain MySQL databases, and webmail for checking mailboxes online. You will be able to upload files to your website’s space and install popular CMSs like WordPress to build your website. You will have full access to your hosting so that you can manage it yourself. We can also provide assistance in helping you manage your site if you aren’t totally confident doing it yourself. maintains two servers which we constantly monitor to ensure that the latest stable versions of software are running on these machines to benefit all of our clients. We maintain vigilance over spamming and malware attacks so that our clients’ websites are rarely compromised.

Shared Hosting with is a safe, reliable and affordable way of hosting your website.