Video and Web Animations

With the advent of faster broadband speeds and the development of social media, sites like YouTube, Vimeo and similar have become more popular. Well-placed videos and animations can greatly promote a company’s brand and best present its products and services.

Tutorial type videos will keep people coming back to your site and greatly benefit your relationship with your customers. Videos tend to be shared across the various social media sites, not just YouTube, so a clever video can act as good marketing tool, pushing your company ahead of the pack.

Did you Know:
Certain keywords are now more searched for on youtube than they are on Google and the trend is for large growth in video streaming services.

Doodle video, i.e. a video of someone in the process of drawing images and cartoons, is a innovative and popular way of presenting your products and services while entertaining your visitors.

Even if your company’s services or products don’t lend themselves to videos, simple web animations might be the thing your website needs to give it distinction. And with current technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, these can be developed with little effect on the overhead of your site.

iSeek can help you decide where video or animation would be best placed on your website and how either or both can enhance your site and enrich the experience of your website’s visitors.

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