PSD to WordPress

Many graphic designers can create stunning looking website templates in photoshop psd files, and then cannot translate this into HTML and CSS to produce a website. And because WordPress is a database-driven content management system written in PHP, converting a PSD into a template useable by WordPress adds another layer of complexity to the process.

We at have been working with WordPress since it first came on the scene as a blogging software and we continue to work with it while it grew into a fully-fledged website CMS. We have developed our own solutions which we can use to take your PSD design and convert it into a highly useable WordPress theme.

We can also give you guidelines on ways to prepare the design so it will convert well into a website. Additionally, we will consult with you at the outset of the project regarding any difficulties your design might present during its translation into HTML/CSS and avoid any problems down the road. We can also consult with you regarding what possible solutions the latest web technologies might bring to the site.

Our solutions are packed with widgeted areas which allow you flexibility in updating content areas once your site is live. We also include a number of plugins which you can use to improve the security of your website, enhance it’s functionality and boost its SEO. And when we are done we will ensure that your site meets the latest W3C standards and is cross-browser compliant. If you need a responsive website (smart phone and tablet screen compatible), we will take that into account during the PSD-Wordpress translation as well.

If you haven’t started your PSD yet, you might want to take a look at the Beginner’s Guide which our in-house designer has prepared. This should help you as you put together your design and ensure that it will translate well into a WordPress template.

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