Branding Development

Your brand is the essence of your company. It determines your place amongst your competitors and is what makes you stand out from the others. It defines your relationship with your customer base. It doesn’t just deal with your products or services, but it must permeate everything about your company, from how you answer the phone to how you decide what new product or service to introduce. Branding / ReBranding your company, is a process of examining your business from the inside out. It means looking at the core values of your company as well as how your company is perceived by the outside world. Like all intangibles, a brand is often a challenge to develop, but we can help you do that. We can work through the process of developing a brand which is vibrant unique and engaging. We can help you in later stages of brand development and design your logo and select an appropriate colour palette and typeface to visually represent your newly-defined brand.  And in designing your website, we will ensure that your presence on the web remains true to your brand.


Defining your brand involves examining your company’s vision and values. It is more than what products and services you provide but why are you providing them. It is also about your relationship with your customers, even your once-off customers, and it is about what your customers think of you.


Once you have defined your brand, you can begin to create ways in which it will be disseminated. This comes in the form of taglines, and unique selling points. It is putting into words how it will be presented to the world.


Your brand will not only be promoted in words but in colours, typeface and graphics. It may often involve designing (or redesigning) your company logo, which will become synonymous with your company. Logos, colours, and typeface will extend into the design of your website. It will affect the choice of what images you display on your website. By making sure that every element of your website is in keeping with your brand, it will present a united front in representing your company on the web. iSeek can help you do this as we learn about your company. Our in-house designer can help with your logo and determine colour schemes and typefaces that best suit your company. In this way we can ensure your company the best web presence possible.

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