Parallax Website Design

Though not a new concept, parallax design has become an increasingly popular approach to website design. The advent of HTML5 and CCS3 has aided in making it easier to achieve.

The basic premise is that your entire website exists in single page and you manoeuvre through the site by bringing different parts of the page into view in the browser. Most websites which utilise parallax design will have a static menu which will “click” to different places on your single website page, or you can simply scroll down or over to navigate the site.

This scrolling technique applies a linear logic to the site, therefore parallax website design has become synonymous with story-telling. If the content of your website is sequential and moves through a story-like beginning, middle and end, then taking a parallax design approach might be suitable for you.

Another feature of parallax website design is the use of placing content, both images and text, in different layers, which move at different rates of speed as you scroll through the site. This can subtly animate the website.

The overall sense of movement contributes to an enhanced, interactive user experience simply by navigating the site.

During our initial consultation, we can explore with you, whether this type of approach would be appropriate for your business’ website and come up with a design that will definitely get your website noticed.

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