Social Media

Social Media is everywhere today, whether you love, hate or just try to avoid it. But what few people realise is that what began as a way of people interacting on line, of rekindling old friendships and communicating across distances has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

To integrate your website with social media you could simply provide your Twitter and Facebook account links in a prominent place. This is true of any other social media channel you are actively involved with: Flickr, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

If your site is an eCommerce site, having a Share button on your product pages will help increase your  visibility and contribute to more sales conversions. If your site provides information rather than tangible products, a Share button will increase access to your resources, news articles or other pages containing valuable content.

Integrating your website with social media also enhances user experience as visitors can now interact with your site and not just passively view it.

If you actively maintain business-related information on Twitter or Facebook, you might consider adding feeds to your website so that the information is shared throughout your web presence.

As with any element of website design, social media integration should be carried out in an appropriate and controlled manner. Don’t just add Share buttons to every page. Some pages aren’t really worth sharing! Also you must be prepared to stay up-to-date with whichever social media channels you decide to integrate into your website. People will notice if you have an old-style button or if you haven’t contributed to your Facebook page in months and this will reflect badly on your business as a whole.

iSeek can help you decide how best to use social media on your site to your greatest advantage and make sure that your business presents a well-rounded and well-integrate web presence.

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