Main FTP User

After signup users are provided with FTP access to their home directory.

To establish an FTP connection, you will need the following pieces of information: FTP login, FTP password, and FTP host name.

To find this information:

Select “FTP User” link in FTP/User Account menu.

On the page that appears:


Login – is the login to be used to enter a user directory via FTP. It is automatically generated on the basis of the account name.

Note: instead of using an FTP client, you may choose here H-Sphere built-in Web-based file manager WebShell by clicking the File Manager (HtProtect) link.

Password – by default is the password associated with your username. If necessary, you can change and hence make it different from you CP password.

Host Name – is a web server domain name to be used to access files via FTP.

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