Team Build

Team Build: unrivalled collection of team building activities to match your needs and venue type.

Launch Date – 2014

Client – Team Build

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Rebel Corporate came to iSeek because they wanted to rename and rebrand themselves as Team Build. They needed a new logo and a new website. While their client base was still corporate they wanted their name to better convey what the service they were providing and to move them beyond their Cork roots. While they wanted the new design to convey the playful nature of their programmes they also wanted the site to be easy to navigate and allow potential and returning clients to be able to target exactly what they needed in terms of subject, venue and programme objectives.

The Challenge

  • Create a new logo to go with the new name
  • Build a website which would convey the playful nature of their services but at the same time show the benefits of working with them
  • Build a catalogue of their programmes which was simple to navigate but at the same time could be categorised and tagged extensively to facilitate visitors finding exactly what they were looking for
  • Provide a news blog to help keep the website fresh and keep their clients updated on their events
  • Build all of this in a fashion to allow them to easily maintain an ever-expanding collection of team building and team training programmes


Team Build were delighted with the end product of a project which spanned several months of planning, design and development. They were able to present their programmes in a variety of ways, grouped according to categories understandable to their potential clients. The site is bright and playful and has helped the company reach a level of success which has enabled them to expand into the UK market, of course, cloning their website for a UK version and adapting it to their meet the needs of their new clientele.

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