Mobile/Smartphone Compatible Websites

Why should you make your website mobile phone compatible?

The simple answer is to make it easy for customers.

More reasons include:

  • Growth – Research is showing a massive shift in how we access websites towards smart phones and tablet devices.
  • Compatibility – Viewing a standard website on a mobile is a slow and awkward task of zooming in and out and scrolling up/down and right to left and this will put people off. A standard website may have some issues such as dropdown menus or other actions that do not work well on touch screen/low resolution screens
  • Progressive – Having your site mobile compatible shows you are progressive and preparing for the future.
  • Search – Google, Bing and Yahoo! each index mobile and mobile-compatible sites separately from non-mobile sites and are investing heavily in developing faster and better tools for mobile search to meet this demand.
  • Optimised – Mobile websites are not just minimized versions of your main website โ€“ they must be responsive, fast and designed with the mobile user in mind. Besides adapting to the smaller screen of a mobile device, mobile websites are easier to navigate using touch and help visitors get to the information and features they need faster.

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How to optimise your website

There are in fact two ways to optimise your site for mobiles

  1. Dedicated Mobile Site โ€“ This option involves making a separate website to your main site and via some browser detect code on your main site this mobile only version will load when the site is viewed from a smart phone. feel this option is not ideal because the mobile site will look good at one smart phones screen size and resolution but not as well on another. Then there is the issue of in-between devices like tablets and phablets.
  2. Responsive Website โ€“ This option means having just one website and it is coded in such a way that the website changes its shape to fit the screen size/resolution it is being viewed on. believe this is the better of the two options and indeed Responsive website design has exploded in the recently and is fast becoming a standard requirement for most projects – Click here to learn more

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