How to install WordPress on your hosting account

  1. Contact iSeek to get your control panel and FTP access details.
  2. Setup your FTP software to connect to your account using the above details.
  3. Go to the WordPress website to download the latest copy of WordPress.
  4. Unzip the WordPress file once downloaded.
  5. Upload the contents of the WordPress folder into your FTP account.
  6. Log into your Control Panel.
  7. Press ‘Databases’.
  8. Turn ‘mySql’ on.
  9. Press ‘Databases, mysql databases wizard’.
  10. Give the database a name (and save this name for later).
  11. Create a username and password (again save this name for later) and ensure you make the user an administrator.
  12. Go to the WordPress file you downloaded and find the wp-config-sample.php file.
  13. Open this file using a text editor and input the database name, username and password into the relevant section in the file.
  14. Save the updated file as wp-config.php and upload this file to the server also.
  15. Go to your website address
  16. Click on ‘Run Install’
  17. Enter your blog name and email address
  18. Click ‘Install WordPress’
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