Waterford Technologies

Design and development of a brochure site to explain a complex range of product modules

Launch Date – 2015

Client – Waterford Technologies

Categories – Brochure, Custom Wordpress Design, Custom Wordpress Theme, Portfolio, Responsive


Waterford Technologies offer software that will save organisations money and time if they run their own large email and file servers. Their previous website was made up of dozens of pages to explain the various products and options and this made it difficult for new customers to get a quick and clear understanding of the products. The website also had more and more content added overtime reducing usability and sales conversations

The Challenge

  1. Design a new modern customer friendly website design suitable for a high tech company
  2. Reduce the number of pages and clicks needed to review the company and its products
  3. Explain the products and their benefits in concise and customer focused way
  4. Ensure the pages of the website loaded as quickly as possible
  5. Ensure that the new site performed as well as the old in the search engines even though it has far fewer pages


Panels and tabs are two of the design functions we focused on here in order to clearly communicate various aspects to customers. With the content broken into panels, it makes for a much improved experience for a visitor. We ensured the content remained balanced with an equal focus on a technical breakdown of the products and other customer content such as benefits, stats, testimonials etc

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