Pilates Performance Ireland

Ireland's leading Pilates Educator providing a Pilates Mentorship/Weekend modules.

Launch Date – July 2016

Client – Pilates Performance Ireland

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Pilates Performance  – Can you imagine your body without pain? Imagine being stronger, fitter or being your ideal weight. You don’t need to imagine. At Pilates Performance we have a unique approach to body movement and health. With our custom built Pilates studio and a highly proficient team imagination becomes reality. Your body was designed to move. Pilates Performance is designed to ensure it moves correctly.

The Challenge

Pilates Performance Ireland realised the majority of their target market are regularly online and using social media.

Therefore they wanted to change their website from just a simple brochure and information website to a business tool.

Working with a 3rd party called mindbody they were able to set up a full booking system for each class and service they offer for each of their studios.

iSeek.ie job was to build a website to best integrate with this 3rd party system and promote the business overall.


We developed a website that appealed to both regular customers who can quickly access and book classes while also acting as an information portal to potential new customers who are not sure of the service, its benefits and where to begin.

We worked closely with the client on the content and wording used in the site and menus to maximise usability and we also heavily integrated their social media accounts.

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