HRD Memorial

HRD Memorial is a place where Human Rights Defenders who have lost their lives can be commemorated

Launch Date – 2016

Client – HRD Memorial

Categories – Blog, Custom Database Module, Custom Wordpress Design, Custom Wordpress Theme, Multilingual, Multisite


The HRD Memorial is a unique project, developed by an international coalition of national and international human rights organisations, to commemorate all the human rights defenders (HRDs) who have been killed since the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders came into effect in 1998. The project was spearheaded by Front Line Defenders, who were brought to iSeek by the site’s designer, to assist in developing a very specific database to house the data they wished to collect and present that data online.

The Challenge

  • develop a database structure with very specific requirements
  • create an admin area that would be maintain across several organisations and native languages
  • develop a website that would be presented in 6 languages (with the possibility of expanding to more in the future)
  • develop a theme to present different kinds of information in a user-friendly manner


The resulting website met two of most key requirements, namely to organise and present data in a multi-lingual environment with the least amount of effort on the owners’ need to translate and to create a custom-admin area that could be used by a diverse group of potential editors in different organisations and working through different languages. As more data is added to the website, we anticipate that its development will also continue to augment, with new features and requirements.

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