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Launch Date – June 2017

Client – Board Excellence Ireland

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Board Excellence Ireland is led by Kieran Moynihan, an experienced Chairman and leading thinker in the area of board dynamics and performance. Kieran has over 18 years experience serving on boards as a CEO executive director, non-executive director and Chairman. Kieran has written and presented extensively on the unique challenges of achieving a high-performance board of directors. Kieran is currently the chairman of a number of internationally-focused companies across a number of industry sectors. Kieran is a member of the Institute of Directors of Ireland.

The Challenge

Kieran Moyihan contacted iSeek looking to setup a new business venture and needed a new brand and website. We consulted with the client and created a plan and from this developed the current site. After launch the client has since adjusted the products and services and has since launched into the UK market. We have been able to easily adapt the site to suit the client’s needs and also upgraded the site to WordPress multisite so the client could more easily manage the regional versions of their site.

This project included:

  • Create a new brand and logo
  • Consult with the client to develop the concept to the business into a workable website
  • Develop a site that best represents the the innovative service
  • This website needed to inspire trust and confidence given the nature of the service so our design, colours and use of https are all created to help achieve this
  • The client has asked for a number of tweaks and changes as the new business grows and we are working with them on an ongoing basis
  • We recently upgraded the site to Multisite to create a UK version of the site
  • Custom admin interface to make the management of profile ¬†and similar data as simple as possible


Kieran is very pleased with the outcome and the brand we have given him has given him a good starting point for this new venture.

Growth has been good and the client has since expanded into the UK so we created another version of their site for that market.

The client has asked us to make a number of modifications to the site to refine their offering and we have been able to accommodate all of these.

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