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Launch Date – 2016

Client – Aspira

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Established in 2007, Avail Energy Ltd is a specialised consultancy dealing with the retail price of gas and electricity. They monitor, analyse and validate bills, handle client contracts and provide an advisory service. Avail Energy initially came to iSeek to help them with an internal tracking system to help them do their work, moving from spreadsheet-based methods to an online, database intranet. When they realised they wanted to be able to present their clients with information as well, this led to a whole new branding and design of their main, public website.

The Challenge

  • present an unusual product in an accessible way
  • create a modern field for a traditional sphere
  • connect private and public areas in a seamless manner




Change is difficult for any company, especially when it touches on core working practices, but with iSeek’s guidance, Avail Energy rose to the challenge. They quickly saw the benefits of creating an online customer area and putting a modern face on their business.

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