Alpha Wealth

Design and development of a brochure site with a design to appeal to the young audience

Launch Date – 2015

Client – Alpha Wealth

Categories – Brochure, Custom Wordpress Design, Custom Wordpress Theme



This client came to us with a plan to do a lot of promotional work on social media.

Before they could begin this work they wanted their existing website redesigned with the goal of making their brand more appealing to the 20-40 age target audience. Their existing site and printed brochures were very typical of the industry and similar to their competitors.

We quickly identified that for the Alpha Wealth brand to stand out from the crowd and appeal to that audience they would have to go with a much more visual design than their competitors and avoid getting too technical with any of the service descriptions.

This required the client to put a lot of trust in our designers and from their feedback the client is delighted with the results.

The Challenge

  • Fresh representation of their brand
  • A focus on making the services easy to quickly review and understand
  • To make the site much more visual than competitors
  • To ensure the website is mobile compatible
  • To improve the site’s capability for sales leads generation


A fresh and original looking website for this industry that will appeal to a young audience while making their services easy to review both visually and contextually.

Our client is delighted with the results and very proud of the new brand image and is promoting it as much as possible.

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