Why you MUST upgrade your website to HTTPS

This year, Google announced the release of the latest version of their browser- Chrome 68. Among the new features was the addition of a security label to the address bar.
Now, any website not running HTTPS will be labelled as “not secure” in the Google Chrome address bar.

What does this mean?

Here’s Google’s example of what the warning will look like in browsers:


Why is Google forcing website owners to use HTTPS?

HTTPS is the safer version of the HTTP protocol, which enables web users to connect to websites. Installation of an SSL Certificate will allow a website to run HTTPS and create a secure connection.

Secure connections are an important step in protecting users from a type of cyber attack called content injection or content spoofing. This occurs when hackers present a fake website as if it is legitimate.

HTTPS helps web users to avoid potentially fraudulent sites and feel secure when browsing online.

Why this is VERY important for every website owner, including YOU:

  • HTTPS websites rank higher in the search engines
  • Get ahead of your competition- currently only 43% of websites load
    over HTTPS (source)
  • Having the ‘not secure’ label on your site appears unprofessional and will cause your visitors concern
  • Installing a SSL certificate on your site helps make the internet a safer place

What do you need to do?

First, check your website in Chrome and see if the above “not secure” label is showing in the address bar.
If your site is showing the alert then you need to take two steps:

  1. Get an SSL certificate installed on your hosting.
    While most web hosting companies charge for an SSL cert iSeek has prepared for this change and we can offer 2 options:

    1. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority. We have integrated it with our new Plesk Onyx control panel, so you can install in just a couple of clicks This option will be perfect for most of our customers. Contact us if you wish iSeek to install this SSL cert for free. Alternatively you can follow our online guide here
    2. iSeek can also offer a wide range of premium branded SSL certs. These certs are suitable for clients looking for brand name certs, insurance cover, more advanced encryption, Wildcard or EV SSL certs. Please contact us if you wish to purchase such a cert
  2. Adjust your site
    Once your hosting has a valid SSL cert, the final step is to adjust your website’s coding. This will force all traffic to your site to load over HTTPS. Your website developer will be the best person to contact for advice on this.

Remember: iSeek are here to help you

If you do not have a current website developer, please contact iSeek for more on how we can implement these updates. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our customers, we want to see all our clients’ websites loading over HTTPS. If you would like assistance with this or any aspect of your website security, please email us at support@iseek.ie.