Facebook Marketing

Introduction To Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a hugely popular social networking tool which half a billion users will testify to. It has brought people together from around the world and continues to be a global success. But Facebook is also a very useful online marketing tool.

If used correctly Facebook can put you in touch with millions of potential customers all waiting to purchase your goods or services. They can choose to ‘like’ your products; leave comments or generally spread the word about how good the service is you provide.

The following are just some are the main ways a business can use Facebook

  • Engage directly with potential customers
  • Keep customers in the Know
  • Share news
  • Promote Special Events and Occasions
  • Reward Fans
  • Run Competitions
  • Collect Customer Feedback
  • Reach Customer Support
  • Make Appointments and Reservations
  • Market research
  • Recruiting employees

iSeek can help your business and review what are the possible ways your business can use and benefit from social media.

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