Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Quite simply, the use of Email for marketing communications.

The creation, sending and tracking of Emails.

Email marketing is not spamming.

Email Marketing is the sending of Emails with permission.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

No. In fact, with a strong content marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever thanks to social media. Why? Because it moves the conversation about your business to a more personal environment — the in-box.

It’s also amazingly cost-effective. With an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association), email practically pays for itself … and saves a tree or two. It’s what you use when you want to move from “conversation to commerce.” can help your business connect with your customers on a regular basis by sending targeting and personalised messages to their inbox.

What software to use for email marketing?

A lot of companies try to sell you their own custom software for managing your newsletter. do not do this. We can review your needs and recommend providers of such software if needed or if you already have a system in place we can use this.

What is important is the software gives you the proper control and functions needed to maximise the benefit of each marketing email you send. A typical list includes:

  • Manage your list(s) of subscribers
  • Have powerful controls for managing each email campaign
  • Ability to send highly styled HTML Emails and Plain Text Emails
  • Reporting and Tracking on the performance of each campaign

As present iSeek tend to recommend the use of Mail Chimp

We recommend this as it is very powerful, popular and has a decent free plan for companies starting off.

How can’s help with your Email Marketing:

  • Create strategy on how to use Email Marketing for your business
  • Design Ezine/ Email Newsletter Template both HTML and Plain Text
  • Content Development
  • HTML / Plain Text build
  • Hosting