Domain Aliasing

Domain aliasing, or domain stacking, is creating domain names that point to other domains. For example, if your domain name is, you can register another domain name, e.g. and have it point to the location of This means, every Internet user who goes to will land in

A domain alias may have:

  • its own DNS zone;
  • custom DNS records;
  • separate mail service.

To create a new domain alias, do the following:

Register the alias, exactly as you register domain names.

Select ‘Domain Info’ link in ‘Domain Settings’ menu.

Click the ‘Add’ icon in the ‘Domain Aliases’ field at the bottom of the page.

Confirm by clicking “Yes, I agree with the additional charges”.

Enter the domain alias. This must be a fully qualified domain name, e.g.


Leave the ‘Create DNS zone’ box unchecked if the domain alias is registered on a different DNS server. In this case, DNS for this domain alias will not be maintained and mail service will be inaccessible for this domain alias.

Check the ‘Create DNS zone’ box if you want a DNS record for this domain alias to be created on this hosting server. In this case you’ll be able to create and edit custom DNS records for this domain alias, and Mail Service will be available.

Check the ‘New Mail Domain Alias’ box if you want a mail domain alias to be created right away. In this case mail resources on a mail domain will all have alternative addresses with different domain parts and the same resource names. If you leave the box unchecked, you may create a mail domain alias using Mail Manager later.

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