How to delete mail from your mailbox on the server

If you are getting messages from the server telling you, you are running out of disk space you will need to log onto your mailbox on our server to delete mail to create more space.

If your mailbox reaches its maximum capacity anybody who tries to email you at that address will receive a bounce back message.

If you use POP to download your emails, deleting them from the server will not delete them from your PC. If you use IMAP, contact the office and we will suggest an alternative to the below instructions.

  • Access Webmail via the menu in the header of this website
  • Log in using your email address and password

When you are logged in, you may be asked to perform maintenance operations if you are just choose ‘Skip Maintenance’.

Once you are in the inbox (you may have to press ‘Mail’ to get to your inbox) put a tick in the box beside all the emails you wish to delete. Next press ‘Delete’.

Once you have finished deleting your emails, before you log out press ‘purge deleted’ – this empties the deleted items folder.