DNS Hosting

There are two agents involved when you have a domain name being used for a website and emails on the internet. There is the Domain Registrar and DNS Hosting services. For the majority of websites, these two are one in the same company, but they don’t have to be.

Domain Registrar

The Domain Registrar is the company that is authorised to register domain names. Domain names are the address you type into a browser to locate a website, e.g. www.iseek.ie. Domain names are usually registered on a yearly basis and there is a fee to do so. The registrar must retain certain information about who has the domain registered. Once registered, the domain is not available to anyone else.  Additionally, the registrar must maintain at least two DNS servers that is storing the DNS records for the domain, i.e. hosting the website and email.

DNS Hosting Services

These services are offer by a company that owns DNS (Domain Name System) server machines which store DNS records for domains. The hosting refers to the provision of space on these servers for the website itself or space on the mail server where emails are stored.

iSeek.ie is a certified Domain Registrar and we can register your domain for you. We also offer free DNS Hosting will all domain registrations.

Sometimes, there may be a reason why you do not (or cannot) change the company where your domain is already registered but you do want to change who is hosting your website and email.

We at iSeek.ie can offer you DNS hosting services without registering your domain name. Once you have signed up with us we will provide you with the Name Server addresses you will need to give to your Domain Registrar to correctly point your domain name to our servers.