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What is an Intranet?

A simple answer is it a private website.

An intranet most often is used as a tool to facilitate communication between people or work groups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organisation’s employees.

A common extension to intranets, called extranets, opens this firewall to provide controlled access to outsiders.

Also Known As: corporate portal, private business network

What is an Intranet used for?

Intranets have so many possible uses, so let’s narrow down the scope a little to the main ways small to medium sized businesses can use them.

iSeek tend to see two main types of Intranets

Internal Networks and these can be used for communication between people within the company.

They can be used for

  • Sending messages between people
  • Managing staff holiday calendars
  • Data Input and Analysis – Such as Sales reports
  • Project Collaboration – Example groups working on a project needing to share documents
  • Announcements and News within the business

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The other type is extranets. This option typically means people outside your company are given access to this private (requires login) area of your website.

Extranets can be used to give people outside your company access to information that is private.

Example An accountant might give a client access to an Internet so they can access Accountants from previous years as well as current years. Think about how much time such a feature would save a company from having to deal with such requests manually.

We have developed Intranets that have

  • Saved staff time processing requests for information
  • Made customers happier due to quick access to information
  • Price checked against supplied costs to ensure a company’s orders are with the most competitive price
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Improved collaboration and communication within the company.
  • The ability to find information quickly and to be able to act on the information.

Some typical features of an Intranet system then to be

  • Noticeboard
  • Forum
  • Voting Poll
  • Members directory
  • Document manager

Ever intranet is different and if you would like to discuss your ideas for your company we would be happy to speak to you

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